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American Graffiti In The UK – A 32′ Ford Hot Rod


Show us a shiny new Ferrari and a yawn accompanied by a vaguely distant and vacant expression may be what you get in return, but show us a Hot Rod and our reaction is usually one akin to a dog who just spotted a large juicy steak.

Hot Rod

The steak in this particular metaphor is an absolutely jaw dropping 1932 Ford “Deuce” Coupe, lovingly caressed and molded into a vision of true beauty.

Hot Rod

While gazing at the 32′, car and film fans will likely recall as we did, a little known movie called “American Graffiti”. Directed by George Lucas before he was known as “Mr Star Wars”, this movie showcased the very best of classic Americana in the most romantic of eras for the U.S auto industry, and was personally our first introduction to the 32′.

Hot Rod

The “Deuce” is considered by many Ford fanatics to be a “Holy Grail” find and the vehicle that in fact started the entire Hot Rod scene.
Although released in 32′ it was down to the GI’s returning from war that unleashed the true potential of its 3.6 side valve V8.

Hot Rod

The back story of this particular gem is cloaked in mystery, but it was certainly built for speed and far beyond the imagination of Henry Ford. Its former life may well have seen it in the hands of an aforementioned GI, racing across the dry lake beds of California, so we should feel truly privileged of its arrival on UK soil.


Six months ago Paul took ownership of this V8 monster, not with a view to modify but to rather fan the flames of his own passion for cars. Some purists may argue and whine the whole “Bought not Built” argument, but there comes a time in life when you can buy your dream car lock stock and barrel and just drive it! Paul has done just that.

Hot Rod

Although this 32′ Roadster would have started out life with a brand spanking new Ford flathead V8, a new engine on the Ford line up. Fast forward to 2017 and its all change, the original engine is now replaced by an ear splitting, sense assaulting, gas guzzling 6.3L Chevy V8 with a sprinkling of Edelbrock goodies perched above.


Complementing the pristine bodywork that sits aboard its original 32 chassis are the ever popular American Racing “Torq Thrust” wheels wrapped in Firestone rubber at the front and BFG at the rear.

Hot Rod

Delving further into its details , the condition of the metalwork on both body and chassis is outstanding. The louvre work and other body alterations adorned with lashings of chrome throughout the build are faultless and have to be seen to be believed.


The interior matches exterior in class with a tasteful cluster and gauge selection, along with a cleanly upholstered finish.


So much of the cars workings are on display and all in lashings and lashings of shiny chrome.


Topping off the aesthetics that the modified 32′ brings to the table are the little things that often go unnoticed.  The V8 logo steering wheel and matching V8 logo petrol cap, the 100% bevelled edge glass rear view mirror, all add to and complete a very elegant Hot Rod.


Its hard to put into words how timeless this car is, it is the very epitome of Americana, we cant help but feel this is why George Lucas was so adamant that the 32′ Hot Rod Coupe had to be part of his creative vision for American graffiti.

Although the vehicles previous owner has clearly put hard graft into creating this outstanding machine, Paul is truly living the dream and has the pleasure of owning one of the best looking “Deuces” still on the planet.

Thank you Paul for allowing us to feature such an iconic Hot rod.


Words – Adrian Venner & Gav Roberts
Pictures – Adrian Venner

Spec List:

1932 Ford “Deuce” Coupe (Roadster)

We cant divulge the full spec as Paul would like to keep you guessing when you pull up next to him at the lights!

However, here’s a few snippets…

Chevy ZZ383
6200 CC
700 r4 trans
9 inch axle
11 inch brakes
Eaton trial posi
31 spline moser shafts
4 inch dropped super bell
I beam Poise spring
Alden rear coil overs
Walker rad Glide seat
Classic gauges
American Racing Torque Thrusts…

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