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Autosport International Motorshow

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Right…now I have your attention with this nice and shiny holy grail of a PCG10 I would like to welcome you to Rimlust and our blog. Over the coming future we will be bringing you coverage of major shows, meets and car builds from across the whole of the U.K and beyond. We hope you will be joining us for the ride.


January 17th 2016 and the Autosport International Motorshow was on the horizon. Myself and Gav powered up the M5 in the early A.M through the dusting of snow all the way to Birmingham and the N.E.C fuelled by a heady mix of Redbull and Service station sandwiches.


Upon arrival at the N.E.C we were straight into it, so much to see, so much to fall in love with. Straight out the gate, the Radical podium had its killer RXC GT3 twin turbo Ford V6 powered Nurburgring destroyer that will potentially be smashing the 7 min marker in 2016. Possibly even taking the lap record from its older sibling the Radical SR8 LM.

RXCTurboRadical (3 of 3)
RXCTurboRadical (2 of 3)

Running around the exhibition halls like excitable school kids, me and Gav took in a lot of cars of all shapes and sizes. Some builds made us squeal with delight like the kid who gets donuts and ice cream for dessert, and some builds made us wrinkle up our noses like we smelt the automotive equivalent of a fart in a lift.


Not much comes in more bombastic, big bold and ballsy than Liberty Walk and their usual low overfender madness. Its not my cup of tea but this LB mini is a first and certainly jerked a few heads and had some folks stroking their beards in either contemplation, confusion or awe.


Had to hand it to the folks at Autosport, they put on a great and varied show for car lovers of all types, whether you liked bespoke 4X4 vehicles, JDM, USDM or a fan of Driting and F1 they had it all. Take a look at the highlights!


This full dry carbon R35 is something a bit special.


Being an Autosport show there was an abundance of amazing race machinery from past and present on display with a heavy F1 presence.
With F1 still THE major brand and championship in motorsport, it has however lost some ground to the more relatable motorsports such as GT racing and Drifting. No wonder the F1 side of the show was so big. With Damon Hill in attendance and Rob Smedley of Williams F1 engineering team giving talks, there sure was enough coverage for raceheads to get their fill.


One great part of the show was the fact that there was also a way to part with your hard earned wonga in multiple ways…besides the alarming price for a water that is. All around the show were many many brand names we all know and some we really should and all had wares for sale…who can say no?! Not only parts were on sale but all sorts, F1 merch, posters and even mashed up quarter panels and bumpers from race cars!


One of my own personal surprises was a fantastic roadster by Avatar Sports Cars, an old school British car company still surviving in todays marketplace of mass production thrills. Powered by a Ford 2.0L Ecoboost and weighing in at the weight of your next steak at T.G.I Fridays, this machine deserves your attention. Cruising on a sunday with a car that looks this distinctive and eye catching would snap more necks than Hulk Hogan at wrestlemania (is that still going?). Also, who doesn’t love a small roadster..that isnt an MX-5 for a change!? Take a looksy for yourself.


Also on the fun side of things, the infamous Alex from Car Throttle showed up with his bug eyed Miata MX-5 “Phil”… awkward interviews this time.


I think that just about wraps up Autosport motorshow 2016! There was so much more to see and do than I could put into words! Keep an eye out for more coverage over on Facebook, look us up!

So for now until the next event its over and out from us here at Rimlust.

Adrian Venner

Photos and word – Adrian Venner