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Spoon Fed Honda S2000

Honda S2K

We kick off our line up of features for 2017 with a V-Tec bang. Tom Wintles Spoon kitted AP1, the only S2K in town you need to know about.

S2000 Honda

The owner of this particular Honda was not initially a JDM fanatic. Given his automotive record having previously owned BMW Minis, Tom first thought to up his game with a purchase of a Z4 or TT in order to gain a performance based sports coupe platform to work from.

Honda S2K

But as fate would have it his “Friends” stepped in with some gentle but firm persuasion and as a result Tom soon had his hands at the wheel of this Laguna Blue S2000 with 240BHP on tap from its F20C block.

Honda S2K

The advantage of Sunday shooting days is that everyone with half a brain is tucked up in bed (“Spoon”ing perhaps?) or stuffing a good roast…..

Honda S2K

Tom Proudly states that given the end result, he is more than happy with his choice of move from Euro to Japanese vehicle.

Honda S2K

Further guidance came on a daily basis with suggestions on how to mod his freshly aquired S2K, and eventually after scouring endless google searches, Tom had set his sights upon an S-Tai kitted Spoon build.


Fast forward three years and we find ourselves in Bristol once again, holed up on an industrial estate during a wet and windy sunday morning and in the presence of the “other” Japanese Roadster…….#NoMiataZone

Honda S2000

Starting out with a clean and unmolested bare bones S2K, Tom had aspirations to create something visually unique yet accommodating. His urge for a usable “show car” drove the ethos of this project.

Honda S2K

After prolonged conversations with the lads at Spoon Sports Europe, Tom accumulated the underpinnings for what is undoubtably a rare sight on U.K soil. Starting with its aesthetics, among the first purchases was the S-Tai front bumper and arches that help provide its race car appearance.

S2000 Honda

Tom freely admits that after each visit to Spoon HQ he feels he was taken advantage of……but in the best possible way. Every trip resulted in him walking away with yet more parts from Spoons extensive catalogue for this vehicle.

S2000 Honda
Honda S2K

The list of mods to this car are as long as your arm….and legs, but it isn’t only skin deep. Beyond the overfenders, aero mirrors, carbon GT wing, S-Tai bumpers, carbon diffuser and vented hood, there are deeper rooted chassis amendments.

Honda S2000

Its hunkered down track ready stance comes courtesy of fully adjustable Spoon coilovers partnered with Spoon control arms, uprated ball joints, rigid collars, strut and tie bars, increasing rigidity throughout.

Honda S2000

Helping to keep the towering 6ft+ Wintle secured firmly within his cockpit are one of the very few non Spoon features that this AP1 carries: Takata green four point harnesses, although of course they are routed through the Spoon Carbon backed Buckets and tethered to a bolt in Spoon half cage… because Tom loves a stiff one!

Honda S2K

Honda fanboys, fall in line…..yes, genuine Spoon Sports gen 3 steering wheel. Feel free to drool.

Honda S2000

With 240 BHP of V-Tec Unicorns already in the stable Tom, aided once again by Spoon, set about the job of providing cooling efficiency and engine performance to compliment the heritage of its Super Taikyu derived exterior.

Honda S2000
Honda S2K

Buried beneath its lightweight vented hood lays in wait a plethora of Spoon embellished paraphernalia. Cooling efforts created with the addition of Spoon Sports aluminum radiator, Spoon Sports hose kit, Spoon Sports low temp switch, Spoon Sports low temp thermostat and a Spoon Sports 1.3 bar radiator cap.


Cleanliness is next to godliness as some may say and performing these functions in this JDM vehicle are a Spoon Sports Oil Filter and magnetic drain bolts which keep those pesky metal filings from circulating their way into your engine internals. All this lays deep beneath the block where we find seated a Spoon Sports oil filler cap and engine cover no longer in trademark Spoon yellow but instead featuring bespoke airbrushed Iron Man™ art #becausewhynot

Spoon Sports Honda
Honda Spoon Sports

Mated to this engine is the only “pre-Spoon” modification Tom had in place. Providing and earthy tone to the V-Tec soundtrack and in place of the stock system is a full buddy club pro spec 3 exhaust and manifold combination.


Another commonly associated Super Taikyu brand is Dixcel brakes. These combined with Spoon pads create the braking platform on which car stops.

Honda Spoon Sports

Gripping at the carbon heat treated discs are the uprated and much sought after Spoon monoblock calipers and they sit snuggly behind Toms 4th set of wheels for this vehicle. Keeping true to Japanese heritage, its new shoes are delivered by Yokohama in form of 10 spoke semi gloss black Advan racing RSII’s with matching Advan Sports.

Honda S2K

Despite the early hours for this photoshoot, light fading and worsening conditions led us to find somewhere under cover from the advancing weather front.

S2K Spoon
Honda S2K

In conclusion, Toms S2000 sets its own stall out in this day and age for what is technically labelled as a “Build”! This is far beyond a financed “scene” vehicle and is truly set apart from the crowd. In Toms mind as with anyone working on a project car, it is far from done and dusted. What does the future hold…..? I think you already know. #Spoon

Honda Spoon Sports

Many thanks from us to Tom and Amy for their time. Because Tom is a nice guy he would love to shout out to:

Ant & Dan @ Spoon Sports Europe
Mark@ Frantic
Josh @ Formula Clean
The NVUS family
Amy, for putting up with the endless hours of cleaning and being dragged to shows


Words: Gav Roberts & Adrian Venner

Images: Adrian Venner


Spec List:

Spoon sports s-tai front bumper
Spoon sports s-tai rear bumper
Spoon sports front fenders
Spoon sports rear over fenders
Spoon sports 3DGT wing
Spoon sports aero side mirrors
Spoon sports s-tai bonnet
Spoon sports s-tai front grill
Spoon sports s-tai Carbon diffuser
Spoon sports aero wiper blades
Spoon sports coilover
Spoon sports control arm
Spoon sports ball joint
Spoon sports strut bar front
Spoon sports 4 point cage
Spoon sports blue wide rear view glass
Spoon sports carbon bucket seats
Spoon sports shift knob
Spoon sports momo steering wheel
Spoon sports wheel boss
Spoon sports aluminium radiator
Spoon sports radiator hose kit
Spoon sports low temp switch
Spoon sports low temp thermostat
Spoon sports monoblock caliper
Spoon sports reinforced brake pedal
Spoon sports magnetic drain bolts
Spoon sports oil filler cap
Spoon sports rocker cover custom airburshed iron man
Buddy club pro spec 3 exhaust
Buddy club pro spec 3 manifold
Dixcel front and rear brake set up
Yokohama Advan racing RSII wheels
Takata harness
Seibon Carbon boot lid

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