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Adams PS13 JDM Drift Machine Built For Purpose

Nissan Drift PS13 JDM Silvia

Nissan and their S-Chassis Silvia line have been synonymous with drifting since the late 80’s, rapidly becoming the car of choice for the weekend warriors on the windy mountain roads of Japan.


Since those days the Silvia, through all its iterations is still a wildly popular weapon of choice amongst the drifting community. So it’s of no surprise that Adam snagged himself a genuine JDM legend in the shape of this 1990 Silvia PS13.


After a lengthy 4 years of cruising the classifieds he stumbled upon this early 90’s SR20DET, a vehicle that had now become somewhat an obsession for the man behind the wheel. A further two years in Adams possession has transformed this vehicle far beyond its imported form.


The vehicle itself along with Adam have now been on the local circuit for quite some time. The car has become something of a well known sight amongst the scene, but not in its current form. As with any builder, a project is never finished, just reincarnated.


Those who know of Adam and his #teamfullkeen antics may only recall the PS13 in its previous graphically eclectic livery. The Silvia has been kept away from prying eyes but is now here for an exclusive run down on Rimlust.


Starting with the glaringly obvious, this car is now dressed in a rather dashing shade of Pink/Purple metallic flake… officially dubbed “Pinkle”.


This new custom paintwork (Adams own creation) sparkles over the cars BN Sports body kit and D-Max vented hood. ┬áThe widened over fenders now play host to a set of 18×9.5 et10 Cosmis VCP-N5R’s clad in soon to be disintegrated rubber.


Below the aforementioned hood we still see the factory SR20, however now with stronger forged internals and uprated Garrett T28 power. The bay surrounding the SR20 powerplant still retains its former Teal colour, a shade that is seen in flashes throughout the cars underpinnings.

Silvia JDM
Silvia JDM SR20
Garrett SIlvia

When it comes to drift culture, “Custom” is an underrated word. The talent of fabrication along with a can do/make do attitude is a must. This is something clear and present in the form of Adams lovingly hand crafted rear wing tips.


In conversation Adam admits to having cut, shaped, reshaped, fitted, removed, reshaped, refitted so on and so forth to get the perfect fit. Thats not to say he is the only one to have been hands on during this build and sings the praises of those who have put in wrench time.


Interior wise or rather the lack of, we can see a bare bones approach towards the rear and only the necessities remain in the cockpit of the PS13.

Silvia JDM PS13

Within the cabin nothing but the fundamentals have been entertained. Functional seating provided by Bride and harnesses by Takata place him in front of a DND performance steering wheel with snap off boss, and at arms length from his short shift kit and wilwood hydro handbrake.


The extraction of interior panelling has allowed for the appropriate space to home a bolt in half cage. Sitting snugly in the boot, in a relocated position we find the vehicles power cell. (Held in place by JDM zipties, because who needs a tie bar….or safety).


Hidden in the bowels of this PS13 is a flurry of latter generation S14 parts, honed to create tightened chassis dynamics. The adoption of S14 modded hubs all round, lower arms, tie rods, steering rack and sub frames, all work in conjunction with a fully adjustable geo kit and two way LSD.


The drift community as a whole has a build it —> wreck it —> rebuild it attitude, of which this PS13 is a prime example. Cable ties throughout the bodywork hold exterior trims and even full bumpers in position, because lets face it the next wall kiss may well tear it back off.


When it breaks….and it will by its creators hands #teamfullkeen , associates and family alike who all share in this passion will be there to lend a hand.


Mr Wyatt wishes to extend his gratitude to the extensive community at large who include:
Dave @ DY Engines for the pain staking SR20 Rebuild and close friend Tim for aiding in fabrication whenever he struggled. Also a grand list of friends that have been there throughout the years, helping with everything from prepping and spraying to removing and replacing the engine.
Most importantly a huge thankyou to girlfriend Sophia for the support of both his mental state throughout the build/rebuild and refraining him from torching the car on numerous occasions as stress levels heightened.

JDM SIlvia

We dont think that this is the last we will see of this particular S-Chassis and look forward to #teamfullkeen and their drift machines at future track and drift events in the southwest and beyond.


Word and Photos by: Gav Roberts and Adrian Venner

Facebook: RIMLUST

Spec list:

1990 Nissan ps13 240sx

Metallic pink with purple metal flake (PINKLE!)
BN sports bodykit
Dmax vented fibreglass bonnet
Kinzuru kits 50mm over fenders and 50mm vented wings
Custom drag wing and end plates
Dmax roof spoiler
Clear / red rear lights Brick headlights
GTR style grill
Front and rear bash bars with jacking points custom made to the car
SR20DET Red Top
Stage 3 Forged Pistons and rods Rocker stoppers
ARP head bolts ACL race bearings
Drift works supercool front mount
Z32 AFM 555c injectors
T28r Garrett
Gizmo Boost controller
HSD mono pro coilovers
S14 modded front hubs
S14 lower arms
S14 tie rods
Mowlock modded front sub frame
s14 steering rack
Adjustable tension rods
S14 rear hubs
Full adjustable geo kit
Driftworks hi kas bars
2 way LSD
Wilwood hydro handbrake
Hel braided hydro line kit
DND performance steering wheel
DND performance snap off boss
DND performance boss adapter
Short shift kit
Bride zeta 3 fixed bucket
Bride zeta 3 recliner bucket
Takata’s harness’s
Half cage Strut brace
18×9.5 et10 (Square Setup) cosmis racing VCP-N5R