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A Raging EP3 To Bust Your Lap Times

EP3 Honda

Continuing on the apparent Honda theme for 2017, we took a lap around Matty’s track ready ’04 EP3.

Honda EP3

The story started in 2004 when this K20 facelift rolled off the assembly line at Swindon Honda and found its way into Matty’s hands a further 8 years down the line.

Honda EP3

The original reasoning for choosing an EP3 was crystal clear for Matty, a combination of a lightweight assembly, agility and an uncluttered interior. These factors lent themselves perfectly to provide the platform for a fast road and occasional track machine.

EP3 Honda

Having previously owned an Impreza WRX, Matty had decided to stay true to the JDM roots in the Type-R platform provided by Honda. The EP3 came with a possible myriad of options for tuning, ranging from both in-house Mugen and well known aftermarket vendors.

Honda EP3

The initial intention was that of a Stage 1 tune consisting of – Induction, exhaust upgrades and uprated braking performance. Now five years on this EP3 takes a very different form and the story continues…..


It was soon realised with the sheer variety of tuning options that the sky was the proverbial limit, a stage 1 tune didn’t have to be the last word.


Now, this is where we are going to get a bit serious. It would literally be impossible to rattle off the entire spec list for this crafted track nugget. The list is so expansive that your brains simply wont compute, but anyway, here goes…..

EP3 Honda

Releasing the hood pins connected to this Seibon Carbon bonnet reveals the heart of this Honda. The original K20 lump is now chock full of more goodies than a Japanese Piñata!

EP3 Honda

In the engine bay of this EP3 we find its Rocker cover, emblazoned with a custom Skunk2 design laying amidst a plethora of colour co-ordinated Skunk2 branding. Matty has gone for an almost entirely Skunk’ed top end including – Pro Series Black Edition inlet manifold and matched 74mm throttle body.

Honda EP3

In addition to Skunk2 wares, a majority of the engine components come by design of U.K company Tegiwa. An M-Carbon fibre intake kit, anodised red fuel rail, thermal gaskets and aluminum competition radiator are but a few of the Tegiwa pieces to this EP3 puzzle.


Tegiwas influence extends to to both interior and exterior with the likes of front canards,  joined up front by Fibreworx carbon fog inserts and Stuke designs aluminium aero splitter.

EP3 Honda

At the opposite end we have chassis tweaking in the form of Beaks and hardrace bracing, sitting neatly below the Fibreworx Carbon aero diffuser fins.


The DC Sports rear cannon which is paired with a Tegiwa 4-2-1 manifold header assists in funneling away all those excess gasses while providing this EP3 with a pleasing soundtrack. #Vtecyo #Vtecbwaaaaaap

EP3 Honda

Connecting all the performance upgrades to the tarmac are a combination of Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2’s clad with Federal 595 RSR tyres. The matt black multi spoke, not only lightweight in design also has appropriate offset to accomodate the Yellowspeed ultra grand 330mm brake kit.


Further inspection below the vehicle shows us the suspension set up that make this EP3 stick like a crab around the corners. Matty opted for BC-BR series coilovers with custom 8-10kg spring rates together with a combination of Cusco and Hardrace bracing to help the M-Factory LSD keep the EP firmly planted while cornering.

EP3 Honda
EP3 Honda

The interior of this car is now a great place to be for the driver in terms of both comfort and safety.

Honda EP3

Attention to detail is key throughout this build. Unlike a majority of “track light” or stripped down vehicles, Matty chose to have the best of both worlds. Throwing out the rear bench and stripping the interior paneling enabled the necessary weight loss to fit in a bazillion point roll cage.


To retain some form of comfort Matty opted for Cobra “Suzuka” pro-fit buckets alongside flocked dashboard segments for a plush appearance. Keeping him and his significant other snuggly in position are LUKE GM-4 point harnesses connected to aforementioned safety devices cage.


Despite several previous paragraphs to the contrary we have actually mentioned very little of this cars vast spec list….and it hasn’t been for the lack of trying. This track focused Civic is ever evolving and by the time you are reading this the car will have undergone further transformation.

Honda EP3

Matty has created a car of his own vision, unique among the hordes of “R badged” vehicles within the U.K and we are not the only ones to have noticed. His EP3 has claimed top 100 placement at Trax, top 20 at Combe Spring Action Day aswell as featuring within fastcar video features.


Matty always wanted an EP3 and now he has one. This car is not one amongst the masses but a true standout that will likely outblast you down the back straight in a blaze of grey, red flock and V-Tec Unicorns.

Matt would like to give special thanks to:

Paul @ TDI North
MCR for continued track support
Lee Colgan @ FCM motorsport for chassis dynamics
Leighton Price of Pro-Garage
Rob Bath @ arebee signs
Martyn Lidbury
Dave Stevenson
And most importantly Leanne Bryan for her support throughout the build.

Words: Gav Roberts & Adrian Venner
Images: Adrian Venner

Spec List:

‘Honda Civic Type R’ MWS 2G 250.1 bhp
– De-wiper boot
– Team Heko Wind Deflectors
– HEL Red Braided brake Lines
– RBF 600 blue brake fluid
– Tegiwa Short Shifter
– Skunk 2 440g weighted gear knob
– Black Alcantara Shifter boot
– Neuspeed Aluminium Shifter bushes
– Energy Poly bush engine mounts
– Super pro gearbox mounts
– DC sports exhaust system
– Braided Clutch Cable
– Exedy stage 1 Clutch
– Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel
– Tegiwa Red Anodised Battery Tie
– Carbon Fibre Spark Plug Cover
– Federal 595 RSR Semi slicks (Track tyres)
– DME Anodised rear camber arms
– Skunk 2 Magnetic gearbox oil plug
– Skunk 2 Magnetic engine oil plug
– Custom Red & Black Honda badges
– Red Silicone Hose Wrap
– Buddy club oil cap
– Carbon fibre inlet cover
– Carbon Battery Cover
– Tegiwa clutch/brake res covers
– Number plate infill matte black
– Lower Bumper infill matte black
– Luke GM-4 Point Harnesses in Red
– Anodised Red fire extinguisher
– Driftworks GT50 Anodised Red Nuts
– BC BR Coilovers with 8-10kg spring rates
– Flocked Red Dash-board & door trims
– JDMgram custom white X-Brace
– Cusco Front Strut Brace
– Full fast road/track geo
– FCM motorsport
– Teishi Imports 5 Panel wink mirror
– Mugen Adjustable Rear aero Spoiler
– Window Rattle stop kit
– Honda Jazz Washer Jets
– Full underbody protect & seal 1/12/2014
– Seibon Mugen style Carbon Fibre Bonnet
– Rear diffuser fins
– Super pro front lower control arm bush kit
– Tegiwa master cylinder brake stopper
– Hardrace adjustable Drop links all round
– Stuke designs aluminium aero splitter
– Stuke designs aluminium aero skirts
– Pioneer App Radio SPH-120
– Tegiwa front Canards
– Tegiwa Thermal inlet manifold gasket
– Tegiwa Thermal throttle body gasket
– Tegiwa red anodised dome washers
– Tegiwa red anodised dome nuts
– Custom white skunk2 design rocker cover
– Heavyset 13pc white silicone hose kit
– Skunk 2 Radiator cap type B
– Tegiwa Anodised red fuel rail
– Tegiwa M carbon fibre intake kit
– Gruppe M scuttle insert kit
– Tegiwa M red modified 3inch inlet hose
– 6000k HID kit – Nardi Personal 350mm steering wheel
– HSK steering wheel boss
– Wrinkle Red inlet manifold
– Wrinkle Red water pump housing
– Wrinkle Red Strut brace
– Muteki Super tuner wheel nuts M12x1.5
– Skunk 2 reservoir socks
– EVO 8 Enkies in glass black with red detailing
– Tegiwa Aluminium Competition radiator
– Fibreworx Carbon Fibre fog light inserts
– Fibreworx Carbon fibre fuel tank cover
– Cobra Suzuka Pro Fit Signature series Seats -Cobra Steel side mounts
– Buddyclub seat rails
– Checkerplate flooring
– Navigator footplate
– Safety devices 6 point FIA roll cage
– JDM 22mm rear anti roll bar
– JDM 19mm front anti roll bar
– Superpro ARB polybush (rear)
– Superpro ARB poly bush (front)
– Hardrace Adjustable rear drop links
– Skunk2 Pro series black edition inlet manifold custom machined to accept 74mm T/B, Port polished, smoothed and bench tested.
– Skunk2 pro series black edition 74mm T/body machine finished.
– Tegiwa 4/2/1 Exhaust manifold header
– Honda RC450cc rejetted injectors with test
– Hondata K100 ECU tuned by TDI north -Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2’s matte black
– Anodised red engine bay dress up bolts
– Yellowspeed Ultra Grand 330mm white brakes kit with floating discs and competition pads
– Clockwise motion baffled sump
– Honda S2000 engine start button -M-Factory LSD